Patterns designed by Dee Longwith & Angie Waser

Use canning jars & even baby food jars to make these unique patterns for a real country look.
Pieces are glued to the jar lid so you can keep the jars filled with goodies.


Gingerbread family with
10" couple & 5" baby
They'll be cute in the kitchen!
Easy jar painting. . .
just sponge on checkerboard then squirt on squiggles


~Lil Frogs~

7" & 9" pair from the pond
top half-pint & pint canning jars
Clothespin dragonflies keep them hoppin'


~Annie N' Kids~

Enjoy an old-tyme favorite!
8" Annie tops pint canning jar
5" kids top baby food jars
Holds candy, old spools or button


~Milk N Cookies~

7" and 11" contented cows
sit on top of half-pint & quart canning jars
Enjoy a snack with milk & cookies!


~Piggy Banks~

7" and 9" country pigs
sit on top of half-pint & pint canning jars
Cute way to save that spare change.


~Hen House Folks~

11" chicken with 5" chicks
sit on top of quart & baby food jars
Cute for your country kitchen


~So Sweet Bunnies~

11" mama bunny tops canning jar
7" babies are filled with candy
It makes them so sweet!


~Bear Facts~

9" shaggy bear tops pint canning jars
5" lil bear on baby food jar
Life's more bearable when sweets
are in paws reach!


~Cat Tales~

Cat family has 9"
mommy & 6" kittens...& a mouse
Top pint canning jars & baby food jars
Fill with candy & collectibles


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